The most valuable thing we all have is our time.

At Marshall.Net we sell you our time, saving yours.

Recent economic events have made life more difficult for all of us. It is in our best interest that your company remains prosperous and it is in your interest that ours does as well.

While some companies promise a low rate coming in and plan on making their money with add-ons and product sales, that's not how we work. We can help you acquire any product you need. Consultants who make their living on product margin tend to promote/sell the products with the best profit margin and lose sight of what is in the best interest of the customer. We attempt to create an open specification for the gear that you require, and will try to help you obtain that gear at the best possible price. We do not offer hardware "service contracts", but can act as your go between with a "support contract" and act as your employee when dealing with vendors. This has proven to be a wildly successful way to provide a big "bang for the buck" for our clients.

Our standard hourly rate is $80 an hour.

After hours and weekend work is billed at the rate of $120 an hour unless the work is scheduled.

For those occasions when we must go "on site" a one-way trip charge of $35 will apply for non-contract clients unless waived (first timers be sure to ask to have the trip charge waived if you haven't done business with us before).

We offer pre-paid "support contracts" at a very attractive discounted rate which we will be glad to discuss with potential clients.

Thanks for your time, and best wishes for your continued business success.